Friday, October 27, 2006

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) : a new party in Bangladesh

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)president Badruddoza Chowdhury declared:
“From today, a new journey has begun against corruption, injustice, terrorism and failure. The prime minister's family members have amassed hundreds of crores of taka while corruption and essential prices remained unchecked. Her family has disgraced democracy. We have united today, but the alliance government has been clinically dead long since.”
executive president of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)Oli Ahmed in his speech said:
Fourteen members of the prime minister's family have looted the wealth of the country. We have to recover the country's lost wealth.

Financial Express
LDP leaders say in their letters to Khaleda
Corruption of ministers, MPs, led by Tarique, has broken all records


Before the formal declaration came, the ministers and MPs, who formed the new party Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), wrote letters to BNP chief Khaleda Zia and resigned from the party. The constitution stipulates that the MPs lose their membership after resigning from the party they are elected from, reports BDNews.
In the resignation letters, the leaders said: "The corruption of some ministers, MPs and leaders, led by your son Tarique Rahman, has broken all previous records. This has tarnished image of the party. It is not possible for any person having personal dignity to continue with the party. The BNP established by President Ziaur Rahman is now controlled by Razakars, autocrats and corrupts. Against the principle of democracy, Tarique, without having any protocol, has been abusing the state power."
Oli, one of the founders of the party, said he floated the new platform in protest against the Khaleda-Tarique Rahman-led "unbridled corruption".
He blamed Tarique, some legislators and BNP leaders for damaging the party image by indulging in pervasive corruption.
"Tarique Rahman compelled the BNP lawmakers and leaders to work according to his [Tarique] whims although he has no government protocol," Oli said.
He also blamed the government for its failure to control the price hike of essentials.
Secretary-general of the LDP Abdul Mannan, a retired Major, read out the declaration that said the new party was floated "to protect the country from uncertainty and protest unbridled corruption, failure in running the country, state-sponsored terrorism, misrule, and price hike of essentials".
Some of the former MPs joining the LDP are: Salauddin Kamran, Arif Moinuddin, Nazim Uddin Al Azad, Syed Didar Bakht and Nurul Alam. Ainuddin, M A Salam, Mainul Islam and Didarul Alam are among retired officers of the armed forces. Political leader Noim Jahangir and Sanaul Haq Niru and former secretary Nazmul Alam Siddiqui also joined the party.
Badruddoza Chowdhury's Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh has now merged with the LDP.
He and Oli jointly announced the launch of the party at around 10:45am amid raucous applause from hundreds of supporters carrying the party's symbol 'winnow'.

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